DOORWAYS’ volunteers assist paid-staff by working to increase the quality of life for our clients and residents.  All volunteers receive HIV education and the chance to give their time, energy, experience and skills to benefit people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

To volunteer as an individual:

  1. You must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Complete the individual volunteer application.
  3. Meet with us and attend a volunteer orientation session.
  4. If applicable, take a TB test and Criminal Background Screening (obtained through DOORWAYS at no charge to you.)
  5. Sign volunteer release forms.

*This entire process averages two-weeks’ time.

To volunteer as a group:

  1. Complete the group volunteer application (one needed per group).
  2. All group members must attend a volunteer orientation session.
  3. All group members must sign Volunteer Release Forms.

*Steps 2 and 3 can be completed on site your first day of service.

Questions? No problem!
Contact us at volunteer@doorwayshousing.org or Call us at  (314) 535-1919 x2707

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Take a look at our current volunteer jobs

Activities Assistant
Assist our Activities Coordinator and Client Service Coordinators by leading and participating in recreational activities for residents such as games, crafts, parties, movies and more.

Administrative Assistant
Share your organizational skills and assist staff by performing database work, client follow-up phone calls, monitoring the front door, filing, compiling mailings and other office necessities.

Spend quality time with residents by visiting public areas of the building, assisting with letter writing, going on field trips, hosting or eating meals in the dining room or being a pen pal.

Volunteers may perform work related to the upkeep of DOORWAYS’ landscape.  This may include tending to our gardens, raking, mulching, trimming trees and bushes, etc.

Own Home
Have your own form of transportation and enjoy working independently?  Assist our Own Home staff by conducting apartment inspections and apartment searching.

Skilled Volunteer
Volunteers with specialized training may perform duties to improve our residents’ health.  This includes pastoral care, support groups, yoga, hair care, Reiki, medication, reflexology, massage therapy, nail care, etc.  Professional license or proof of student or intern status is required.

Special Events
Help us plan, coordinate and/or participate in the special events and fundraising activities of DOORWAYS.

Independent Project
After at least 15 hours of volunteerism with DOORWAYS, volunteers may bring up and create special projects of their own design.  Such projects must be approved by the Volunteer Coordinator and an on-site supervisor.

Provide children in our family residential programs with academic enrichment activities.  Grow into a mentor and make a difference in a child’s life by offering friendship, support and positive reinforcement.