Your donation to DOORWAYS can be given as a tribute to a loved one?!

Question: How often does one action yield two results?
Answer: All the time, if you designate your DOORWAYS donation as a tribute to a loved one!

You may make a monetary gift in HONOR of someone’s birthday, anniversary, new job, new baby…the list is endless. You may also provide a monetary gift as a MEMORIAL for someone who passed away. Or, you may purchase a tribute BRICK to be placed in our garden at the Cooper House campus. If you wish to help us GROW THE TRIBUTE GARDEN, you may select from three brick sizes: $100, $250, or $500.

By expressing your admiration, love, and respect through a TRIBUTE GIFT, you are also providing critical funding to help DOORWAYS deliver housing, health, and hope to homeless people living with HIV/AIDS.



For more information about making a memorial or honorarium gift, please contact DOORWAYS’ development office at 314-328-2705 or email