Since the time DOORWAYS first opened, many unforgettable individuals have passed through our doors. Your family and friends with HIV/AIDS and those who support the fight against HIV/AIDS have become our family and our friends. These individuals have deeply touched us with their courage and dignity in the face of such a devastating disease. As DOORWAYS continues to open new doors for those affected by HIV/AIDS, we continue to remember those who have been affected and those who support the affected.

The Brick by Brick program allows you to memorialize an individual or organization in our beautiful, commemorative AIDS Memorial Garden located at DOORWAYS’ Maryland Avenue site. Various sizes of bricks are available for $100, $250, or $500. Bricks may be engraved with a name, organization or a personal message.

Brick by brick, your donation will help build a new home or other services for those who are affected by HIV/AIDS, while helping us to remember those who have lost the battle.

To purchase a brick in the Giudici-Tinlin AIDS Memorial Garden, please contact DOORWAYS’ Development Office at 314-328-2704 or email