Beyond Tonight

A Housing Model of Care
To Stop the Spread of HIV

DOORWAYS is beyond capacity, with no space to expand housing, staffing, or programs. We conducted feasibility studies regarding the need for expansion and our capacity for growth. With board approval, we began planning the first capital campaign in the agency’s history. “Beyond Tonight: A Capital Capital Campaign for DOORWAYS” will enable us to pioneer a new model of care offering flexible housing and onsite services that address 360-degrees of need through DOORWAYS programs and many partnering AIDS-serving organizations seeing clients on our campus. We are removing access and navigational barriers that create delays in achieving undetectable status, which renders the virus untransmittable–and thus reduces the spread of HIV in the community. The project is receiving broad support, as many recognize the basic right of individuals to regain health and improve their quality of life plus the importance of stopping forward transmission.

The Capital Campaign Cabinet formed in 2018 has been making many strides this year in our journey to a new campus. Similarly, our community development consultants and architects (Rise and Trivers respectively) have made substantial progress with advancing the project. In fact, you may have seen the media coverage highlighting the artist’s renderings of the new facility that is scheduled to open early 2022.

Clearly, the next few years will bring much excitement, but none of it would be possible without your steadfast support over the years that paved the path to this pinnacle of expansion. Your partnership has given the agency stability and positioned us for growth. We are grateful for all you have done and look forward to our next era together.

-Opal M. Jones
President & CEO


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