Congratulations JB!

This year marked a great achievement for DOORWAYS resident “JB”. Since 1998, his life has been unpredictable. At times, he experienced homelessness, with nothing but the clothes on his back. He explained his focus was on “the daily heroin grind.” In June 2010 during PrideFest, ‘JB’ was offered a free HIV test. He had been tested in the past, and the results were always negative. This time was different. His test was positive. After a period of denial, he knew he needed to get onto a new path. ‘JB’ reached out for help in the summer of 2010 and, from that moment, has been moving forward, achieving great things on his journey to stability. August 18 marks eight years free of heroin. ‘JB’ noted this was possible due to the services offered by DOORWAYS. “Having my own place where I could be away from those people, places, and things that were part of my addiction led me to finally get clean!”

“We are incredibly proud of ‘JB’,” noted Opal M. Jones, President and CEO of DOORWAYS. “Many people feel trapped in their lives, but all it takes is one step to get on a new path. DOORWAYS is here to stand with them, support them, and guide them towards their best possible future.”

With a new sense of confidence and hope, ‘JB’ set his sights on an education. “In 2015, I started going to college through St. Louis Community College and the Pell Grant. I went just on Tuesday nights at first, and now here I am in the 2018 graduating class with a General Liberal Arts Degree. It means a lot to me, because I never finished high school.”

For 30 years, DOORWAYS has been providing housing to homeless individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS as a first step toward stabilizing their lives. Our intensive case management approach provides referrals and encouragement to take charge of a medical treatment plan coupled with improved healthy lifestyle choices to regain weight, strength, and hope. Supportive services also address other issues that can lead to homelessness, such as substance use, mental health, poverty, lack of education, unemployment, and domestic violence.

For more information about how you may support DOORWAYS in its mission to provide housing, health, and hope, please contact Jim Timmerberg, Director of Development, at or 314-328-2705.


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