Young Professionals


Formally known as Friends In Deed, DOORWAYS Young Professionals (DYP) is a volunteer corps of emerging civic leaders dedicated to the ongoing success of DOORWAYS. Young Professionals will Give, Serve, and Lead to improve the quality of life and health outcomes for people affected by HIV/AIDS.

Duties and Responsibilities

All Members

  • Financially invest in the mission of DOORWAYS through personal giving or support of DOORWAYS’ fundraising events.
  • Build awareness of, as well as represent, the mission of DOORWAYS at community events in the Saint Louis area.
  • Serve as a social media ambassador for DOORWAYS by following all of DOORWAYS’ social media handles and promoting DOORWAYS’ content.
  • Expand DOORWAYS’ network of friends and supporters by introducing their network to DOORWAYS.
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities that contribute to the health and success of DOORWAYS’ residents.

Executive Committee Members

  • Steer the overall activity—create a calendar of events, set goals, maintain budget—of DOORWAYS Young Professionals.
  • Serve as a liaison between DOORWAYS staff and the larger DYP membership base.
  • Lead efforts to plan fundraisers and service opportunities.
  • Foster new strategic partnerships between DOORWAYS and other St. Louis-area businesses, organizations, and service groups.
  • Actively recruit new members to join DOORWAYS Young Professionals.

Membership Eligibility—

To be eligible to join, one must:

  1. Demonstrate a willingness and capacity to advance the mission of DOORWAYS.
  2. Reside in the Greater Saint Louis region.
  3. Maintain a positive community image/reputation.

Membership Dues—

Members of DOORWAYS Young Professionals make recurring monthly dues of $10.00 or more to DOORWAYS, or a one-time payment of $120.00 or more.

Membership Benefits—

  1. Listing as a Doorways Young Professional on the DOORWAYS website.
  2. Invitation to the DOORWAYS Annual Dinner held each April.
  3. Networking and mentorship opportunities with the DOORWAYS Board of Directors.
  4. Discounted ticket prices to select DYP events.
  5. The opportunity to directly improve the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS.

+ Join before April 1, 2017 to be listed as an Inaugural Member. 

Inaugural Members—
Ryan Ackerman
Nicholas Benassi
Mark Halastik
Daniel J Loaiza
Lennox Mark
Allison Price



Questions: Call Jim Timmerberg at 314-328-2705 or email